Giordano Tintori: From Gazzaniga (Bergamo) to the Usa with Intercultura | 2nd Quarter

Giordano’s story: from Gazzaniga (in the province of Bergamo) to the USA for a year, with Intercultura and the support of the Pesenti Foundation.

 1st Quarter: 2017, September 

2nd Quarter: 2017, December

3rd Quarter; 2018, March


Giordano told us about his fantastic experience abroad, in the city of Weston, empowered by Intercultura’s full-year study program in USA.



“I get along with my host family very well. I feel part of it. We have developed a wonderful relationship that will last forever, and I am very happy with my experience.



My host family


“I’m delighted to be given the opportunity to live this fantastic experience. I feel very comfortable with my host family: we spend most of the time together and they make me feel part of the family. A beautiful relationship has been built that, I am sure, will last forever.


I have made many friends at school, too, and playing a sport has helped me a lot. Fully integrating into a new school community is always difficult, and sometimes you have to be the one to take the first step.


Thanks to the many activities available on campus (I think in particular of skiing), I have not had any difficulty in meeting and engaging with many people, creating strong new bonds and new friendships.”


It is nice to see how much self-sufficiency and self-confidence I have now. I feel like I could do anything completely independently. And my English has improved a lot!



3 Things I will never forget


  1. The LaCrosse race in Wisconsin. This is a fantastic competition bringing together all the best Wisconsin skiers every year!
  2. Valentine’s dinner with my host family.
  3. My host brother’s birthday.





The school


“All is well at school. I get excellent results, but what I find most interesting is studying in a foreign language: speaking, thinking and studying in English is a great challenge and is probably one of my greatest successes.” Teachers are kindhearted and open to dialogue and discussion, thus developing positive relationships with students.


The American school system is completely different from the Italian one, with both positive as well as negative aspects. Students are encouraged to participate in various extracurricular activities, first of all sport. In particular, this year I’ve become particularly enthusiastic about skiing and I’ve been having great results. I train every day and I measure up to top athletes, like the U.S. Ski Team. I have participated in many races both within and outside Wisconsin. Relationships among the team members are simply fantastic! In spring, I will enrolled in the tennis class.

It is wonderful to see how much self-sufficiency and self-confidence I have now I have acquired during this period.






 Giordano Tintori

From Bergamo in the USA for a year with Intercultura

and the support of  the Pesenti Foundation.



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