Investing in Youth. Pesenti Foundation and Intercultura 2017/2018

Pesenti Foundation and Intercultura. A 10-year commitment for the future of Bergamo’s excellence youth.


Bergamo, 16 June 2017 – The Pesenti Foundation hosted today the Intercultura Scholarship’s Student Awards Ceremony.



Students were greeted by the Pesenti Foundation Vice President, Giovanna Mazzoleni, Associate Professor at he University of Brescia – School of Medicine. “I am delighted to be here today to reward the winners of the Intercultura Scholarship. On behalf of the Pesenti Foundation I want to express my most sincere congratulations on this important recognition. Helping new generations to open up to the world and live as good and responsible citizens in a multicultural society is such an important commitment for us. For ten years, the Pesenti Foundation and Intercultura has worked together to foster dialogue and intercultural exchange among young people, with particular attention to the excellence youth in the Bergamo province, teaching them to face the new without fear or favor to become active citizens and actors of a global civil society. My best wish to you all for a future rich in opportunities and satisfactions.”



The Intercultura Scholarship’s Student Awards Ceremony



The wish of Giovanna Mazzoleni was followed by the messages of Ms. Mietta Denti Rodeschini, representing Intercultura, and Francesca Giacco, a former Intercultura student who recounted her one-year experience in India. “I thank the Pesenti Foundation,” Ms. Rodeschini said, “for choosing Excellence this year again: thanks to these scholarships, young meritorious students from the Bergamo province have an outstanding opportunity to study abroad, implement their language skills and interact with people of different cultures. This opportunity for growth through cultural exchange will help these young people to make their own path, to play an active part in the community where they will live and to face their own personal and professional future with better tools. In particular, I want to thank Mr. Pesenti and the Board of the Foundation for their confidence in me and in the Association I have the honor to represent.





The Pesenti Foundation, together with Intercultura, has offered the opportunity of a study period in public schools abroad to students aged between 15 and 17. Three merit-based scholarships for the “Year in USA” program has been assigned to three excellent students from the Bergamo province:

  • Beatrice Borelli – Treviglio,
  • Beatrice Moioli – Bergamo,
  • Giordano Tintori – Bergamo.



The Foundation also awarded three merit-based scholarships for the “Summer School in Ireland” program assigned to Italmobiliare Group employees’ children:

  • Andrea Bianchi – Lovere-Boario
  • Alessia Pucciarini – Rome
  • Chiara Torri – Bergamo





The Pesenti Foundation is always attentive to the needs of the territory and has implemented and sustained numerous cultural, educational and charitable initiatives over the years. Among the most significant projects are: partnerships with Italian and foreign universities, in particular the Bergamo 2.035 project developed with UNIBG and Harvard Graduate School of Design; continued support for scientific research; humanitarian aid, artistic and cultural patronage; international conferences. The Foundation’s mission today is to be a real community resource operating with an international perspective and providing an entrepreneurial approach to social and economic actions.


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The Pesenti Foundation aims to promote and enhance a culture of innovation as a driver of ideas, projects and activities to make a positive social, environmental and cultural impact. The Foundation develops modern interactions between public sector and for-profit/non-profit private sector, providing sustainable solutions to major social challenges. The Foundation’s new areas of focus – alongside its traditional attention to the conservation of the national historic and artistic heritage, scientific-educational programs, conferences and publications, humanitarian projects and social solidarity – aim at promoting and supporting the development of new socially-relevant enterprises, especially businesses established by young people.



The 60-year Intercultura Association Onlus promotes intercultural dialogue through international exchange programs involving thousands of young people and families around the world. It supports the internationalization of Italian schools by providing examples of good practices and training sessions on youth exchanges management (the Italian Ministry of Education recognizes the association as a qualified authority for training). It offers scholarships to foster international student mobility. The Ministries of Education and Foreign Affairs adhere to the Foundation and support its activities.


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