Sara’s story: from Bergamo to Groveland (USA) for a year,
with Intercultura and the support of the Pesenti Foundation.


The journey continues!


1st Quarter: September 2018
2nd Quarter: December 2018






Month to month, Sara tells us about her experience abroad, thanks to the annual Intercultura program in the USA.



Relationships with the host family:

I like my new host family. I often help my dad and mom on their food truck. I have two American sisters I get along very well with and a Thai sister I’m very close to.

Relationships with the host community and friends:

At first, changing schools was not easy for me, but now I have settled in and made many friends in all my classes.
However, I must say I preferred the old school flex-time that gave me more opportunities to make friends.

Inclusion and academic achievement with respect to performance and interactions with teachers and peers:

Most of my teachers are very friendly and helped me to adjust to the new school environment. My grades are really good, though it is much harder to study here in South Like than in the previous school in Tavares, since I began to study more difficult subjects.

Extracurricular activities:

I could not join the football team because it was already formed in the new school. So, my friends and I tried to join the basketball team, but we were not admitted. This week I’ll try to join the track and tennis teams.

Three beautiful things I will never forget:

Celebrating Thanksgiving and Krathong with my host family.
My trip to Disney World with my exchange friends this week.  It was a really fantastic time!
My supportive classmates that today brought me cookies at school because yesterday I was sad.

Three nasty things I will never forget:

Catching the school bus early mornings—at 6:15
The variability of the weather. It’s still very hot, but some days temperature may drop significantly and it’s very cold.
The patriotic people here that often do not like to talk about the negative sides of their country.


I am very thankful for my new family. I I felt like being part of their life and we’re all very united. On the contrary my life outside the family is not very active. So fa, I haven’t gone out that much with my schoolmates, but I hope to make more friends.