Vittoria’s story: from Bergamo to Oeversee (Germany) for a year,
with Intercultura and the support of the Pesenti Foundation.

The journey continues!
1st Quarter: September 2018
2nd Quarter: December 2018





Month to month, Vittoria tells us about her fantastic experience abroad, thanks to the annual Intercultura program in Germany.



Relationships with the host family:
I have a great time with my host family. I feel completely at ease with them and they are always kind to me.
I sometimes cook for my family and on weekends we watch movies together. We also went on vacation to Greece together for two weeks.


Relationships with the host community and friends:
I get along well with the other exchange students who live in the city I find myself very well: they understand my feeling and give me comfort.
Also my classmates are becoming more friendly with me and from time to time they invite me out for dinner or a movie.


Inclusion and academic achievement with respect to performance and interactions with teachers and peers:
All is well at school. Teachers are supportive and helpful and I’m getting good grades.
We often work in pairs in our language classes, and this give sme the chance to learn more about my classmates.


Extracurricular activities:
In my spare time, I currently play tennis, but I will soon be starting to play volleyball. Often I also go out with my friends or visit nearby cities. On Sundays, I cook for my family, but sometimes I even cook for them during the week.


Three beautiful things I will never forget:
1. My friendships with other exchange students
2. The day of my birthday because my host family made it really special.
3. The opportunities for personal growth that this experience has afforded to me.


Three nasty things I will never forget:
1. The hardheartedness of some people here.
2. My disappointment of when I fell down in the middle of the street and nobody bothered to help me.


My photos.



Holidays in Greece.



A view of the dome from my school.



The Viking Museum i visited with my family.



Other exchange students and me.




My grandma, my sisters and me.