The Pesenti Foundation for Children’s Rights

The Pesenti Foundation supports programs and projects of the Costa Family Foundation, to promote and defend children’s rights.




The Costa Family Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded in 2007, dedicated to promoting and protecting children’s rights worldwide in situations of political repression, illiteracy and denied rights, strengthening cross-border cooperation and providing psychological, social, educational support and health care.


Photo Courtesy of Costa Family Foundation






In northern India, the Costa Family Foundation supported Tibetan refugee children escaping Chinese government oppression and crossing the Himalayas, deprived of their land, language and culture. For them, the Costa Family Foundation designed and built the “House 13” orphanage home in the Tibetan Children’s Village of Dharamsala (TCV) and an entire floor of the TCV university college in Bangalore.



In Togo, the Foundation took care of the children of Maristella and Sister Patrizia, giving them the opportunity to study and attend local schools, while bringing hope for a better future.


In Uganda the Foundation implemented two green projects in cooperation with the indigenous communities of Karamoja and Mukono.





Costa Family Foundation