The Pesenti Foundation and Intercultura 2018/2019 Scholarships

The Pesenti Foundation in support of young talents
Bergamo, 3 July 2018 – The Pesenti Foundation hosted today the Intercultura 2018/19 Scholarship Awards Ceremony.



Education and Merit.


Mietta Denti Rodeschini, Intercultura Philanthropy Advisor, said at the opening of the ceremony. “The Pesenti family and its Foundation are once again dedicated to enriching the quality of life in Bergamo’s community through rewarding high school students who show commitment, curiosity and ambition and who want to challenge themselves in an international context. We are delighted, really delighted, to welcome back last year’s scholarship winners from the USA and say goodbye to the three students leaving for their year abroad in the USA and in Germany. The Pesenti Foundation and the Intercultura Foundation have always shared the same commitment to provide new generations of Italians with appropriate training, self-awareness of personal cultural growth, cultivating an international vision and a spirit of intercultural exploration.”




The collaboration between the Pesenti Foundation and Intercultura was born and developed during the 2009/2010 school year and over the years has been enriched both in terms of quantity and quality of the awards, for a total of 36 scholarships to Italian students abroad and foreign students in Italy. An educational initiative aimed at moving beyond material and immaterial borders and breaking down social and intellectual barriers for the rising of a generation of “intercultural natives”.



I am glad to be here again this year to award the Intercultura Scholarship winners.” underlined Prof. Giovanna Mazzoleni, Vice President of the Pesenti Foundation. “Last year I saw the three scholars leaving for the United States with both the desire to discover new things and the fear to move away from their roots. During these twelve months, I have read the stories they wrote to share their experience with us and I have seen them changing their lifestyle and habits, meeting a new family and new friends, building a greater sense of responsibility and developing into autonomous persons. An important path of human and professional growth, which I believe has brought benefit and enrichment to us all–the directly involved students, but also us adults who can learn from these young people the courage to open up to the world and become responsible and self-aware citizens in a multicultural society.



The sholarship winners in 2017/2018


Giovanna Mazzoleni’s best wishes were followed by the reports of the 2017/2018 scholarship recipientsBeatrice Borelli from Treviglio, Beatrice Moioli from Bergamo, Giordano Tintori from Gazzanigawho gave a feedback of their one-year scholarship in the US.


Beatrice Borelli with her host-family


Beatrice Moioli with her host-family


Giordano Tintori with his host-family



The Pesenti Foundation, together with Intercultura, has offered the opportunity of a study period in public schools abroad to students aged between 15 and 17. Two merit-based scholarships for the “Year in USA” program and one merit-based scholarship for the “Year in Germany” program have been assigned to three excellent students from the Bergamo province:

  • Vittoria Cornolti | Bergamo
  • Noemi Guadagni | Lovere-Boario
  • Sara Rota Conti | Bergamo.



I would like to congratulate all the participants and especially the winners for their motivation and dedication to study,” said the Foundation President, Carlo Pesenti. “This year the winners are all women: undoubtedly an all-girls demonstration of successful determination. I hope this recognition will be a good omen for their future, so that they can become responsible actors in a global society and world ambassadors of Bergamo’s cultural richness.



The sholarship winners 2018-19, Noemi Guadagni


The sholarship winners 2018-19, Vittoria Cornolti


The sholarship winners 2018-19, Sara Rota Conti


The Foundation also awarded three merit-based scholarships for the “Summer School in Ireland” program assigned to Italmobiliare Group employees’ children:

  • Filippo Amos Boriani | Milan
  • Daniele Fabbris | Legnano
  • Clara Ines Pasotti | Salò



The Pesenti Foundation aims to promote and enhance a culture of innovation as a driver of ideas, projects and activities to make a positive social, environmental and cultural impact. The Foundation develops modern interactions between public sector and for-profit/non-profit private sector, providing sustainable solutions to major social challenges. The Foundation’s new areas of focus–alongside its traditional attention to the conservation of national historic and artistic heritage, scientific-educational programs, conferences and publications, humanitarian projects and social solidarity–aim at promoting and supporting the development of new socially-relevant enterprises, especially businesses established by young people.



The 60-year Intercultura Association Onlus promotes intercultural dialogue through international exchange programs involving thousands of young people and families around the world. It supports the internationalization of Italian schools by providing examples of good practices and training sessions on youth exchanges management (the Italian Ministry of Education recognizes the association as a qualified authority for training). It offers scholarships to foster international student mobility. The Ministries of Education and Foreign Affairs adhere to the Foundation and support its activities.





Press Release: The Pesenti Foundation and Intercultura
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New scholarship winners




News paper press review 04 07 2018


Beatrice Moioli and Vittoria Cornolti
Giordano Tintori and Noemi Guadagni
Beatrice Borelli and Sara Rota Conti
Beatrice Borelli, Beatrice Moioli and Giordano Tintori – the sholarship winners 2017-18 – answering the questions of  Noemi Guadagni, Sara Rota Conti and Vittoria Cornolti – the sholarship winners 2018-19.