Corriere della Sera dedicates an article to the humanitarian project “AID FOR SRI LANKA – A FUTURE FOR CHILDREN” supported by the Pesenti Foundation in its “Good News” section.


Excerpt from Sergio Bocconi’s article in Corriere della Sera #buonenotizie weekly supplement (Tuesday 19 June 2018).



Carlo Pesenti retraces in Corriere della Sera #buonenotizie weekly supplement the stages of a project promoted by the family foundation in 2005. Now the work is completed. It was also made possible by generous grants from the group’s employees: a Salesian school in Sri Lanka helping hundreds of students to carve out better future by offering technical vocational training.





“It is such a joy to have this project completed.” Carlo Pesenti said, as Italmobiliare CEO and President of the Pesenti Foundation that developed the “Aid for Sri Lanka – A Future for Children” program launched in 2005, a few months after the tsunami that severely struck the island south of India.


The project, now almost concluded, began when the Foundation launched a fundraising campaign among all the Group’s employees. In just a few months, 1.5 million were raised, plus additional donations from the Foundation and the Pesenti family for a total of about 4 million.


The initiative was aimed at the construction of a Vocational Training Center with laboratories, lodgings and refectory. “The Pesenti Foundation has strived to build a project of excellence,” Carlo said. “I must recall the commitment and hard work of of engineer Gennaro Guala. He is a unique figure in our industry. He ensured an accurate interpretation of the project’s mission: a modern college in a developing country, helping to give direction and hope to new generations.”


The Group provided not only economic resources, but also technical know-how both from feasibility study to the execution phase.


The school complex, hosting about three hundred students, 200 of whom are granted board and lodgings on the premises, provides nationally recognized vocational programs., It was inaugurated on June 5, 2010 by Franca Natta Pesenti ((died 2015), wife of Giampiero and daughter of Chemistry Nobel Prize Laureate Giulio Natta, and didactic activities began in 2011.


The building is provided with adequate natural ventilation in compliance with structural and functional requirements. The Salesian institute is in line with the National Education System Reform Strategy and consists of six levels: level 6 offers a degree in civil or industrial engineering almost equivalent to a three-year degree of the Italian university system.





The Pesenti Foundation and the Project "Aid for Sri Lanka - A Future for Children"

Inauguration of the school complex