The Pesenti Foundation supports Flying Angels Foundation Onlus


The Pesenti foundation supports Flying Angels Foundation Onlus, founded in 2012 by a group of Genoese entrepreneurs to deliver life-saving treatments to seriously ill children and adolescents that otherwise have little or no access to medical care in their home countries.





The Association provides air transfer either to children and their families to quickly reach the most appropriate health facilities or to specialized medical teams to help children in their home countries by treating several patients together at the same time. Flying Angels Foundation Onlus constantly collaborates with key humanitarian organizations responding to urgent situations around the world and with main Italian pediatric hospitals.

To date, the Association has helped around 1,300 children from over 60 countries worldwide.



The Pesenti Foundation is highly sensitive and attentive to health care issues to properly address new health needs and supports the “Donate a flight. Save a child” project as it represents a concrete and effective action to help today’s young people become the world’s future.