The Incurable Lust for Life: the Pesenti Foundation and The Italian Parkinson’s Disease Association

The Italian& Parkinson’s Disease Association, Bergamo chapter, offers support and encouragement to patients and their families, delivering collective awareness–raising and fundraising initiatives;to contribute to important research projects.
The Association volunteers are people living with Parkinson’s, their families, friends and supporters.





Among the initiatives carried out by the Bergamo Parkinson’s Disease Association: group physiotherapy programs, theater laboratories, tango therapy courses, informational and training meetings.


The Bergamo Parkinson’s Disease Association also contributes to art exhibitions showcasing the work of Parkinson’s artists.


The activities of the Association are financed by memberships and donations from friends and supporters.


The Pesenti Foundation, which has supported many meaningful initiatives of Bergamo Parkinson’s Disease Association over the years, was an institutional sponsor of the Conference “The Incurable Lust for Life – 2018 Edition. Chronic diseases and disability: reflections and experiences” which took place on Saturday 16 June at the John XXIII Congress Center.