The International Piano Festival at the Teatro Arcimboldi

International Piano Festival of Brescia and Bergamo arrived at the Teatro degli Arcimboldi in Milan for a concert that brought together the audiences of Brescia and Bergamo.

This year again, the initiative was supported by the Pesenti Foundation, deep committed to the development of community-based cultural and artistic activities and among the longstanding partners of this event.


Valery Gergiev e Federico Colli, photo Courtesy



La Mariinsky Orchestra, photo Courtesy



The Pesenti Foundation has historically supported the cycle of concerts by young talents from the Gaetano Donizetti Conservatory of Bergamo and the “Prize Competition for students from first- and second-grade High Schools, Universities and Conservatories“, focused on “helping new generations to open up to the world and live as good and responsible citizens in a society paying due regard to the preservation and promotion of artistic and cultural wealth.

The Foundation is firmly committed to educate and train the new generations to pursue excellence in culture, research and innovative entrepreneurship. Providing students with tools and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Promoting educational initiatives to encourage and better prepare them in their journey of growth and the development of new knowledge relevant to a successful future. Enriching communities by enriching young people.

The theme of the International Piano Festival of Brescia and Bergamo, this year in its fifty-fifth edition, was “The Festival speaks Russian. Tchaikovsky, mon amour”. A cycle of 28 concerts touring historical theaters in Bergamo, Brescia and Milan, with music by Tchaikovsky and the great Russian composers.

The Festival featured major international performers and a Philharmonic Orchestra formed mainly by young musicians, who have already achieved international renown, like the last great success at the Royal Opera House in Muscat, Oman, last January 11th.



The pianist Federico Colli from Brescia, photo Courtesy



Valery Gergiev and Federico Colli, photo Courtesy



Lightness, sensuality and despair. Three colors for three great authors in one extraordinary concert directed by Valery Gergiev. On the program are performances of the best known and most loved pages by two key authors of the 55th Festival, Tchaikovsky and Debussy, plus the virtuoso Rach3.


Mariinsky Orchestra
Valery Gergiev directorFederico Colli pianist

Claude Debussy
Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune

Sergej Vasil’evič Rachmaninov
Concert no.3 for piano and orchestra op.30

Pëtr Il’ič Čajkovskij
Symphony n.6 op.74 “Pathetic”

Pesenti Foundation and the Piano Festival


The Arcimboldi, photo Courtesy



Director Valery Gergiev, photo Courtesy



Federico Colli, pianist, photo Courtesy