The Pesenti Foundation supporting Many Faiths 2017: “For the inclusion of differences”

The Pesenti Foundation is among the supporters of Many Faiths Under The Same Sky,
“Blessed are the Builders. For the inclusion of all differences”, Edition 2017.



Many Faiths Under The Same Sky is a series of meetings promoted by the ACLI Italian Christian Workers Associations, under the patronage of the UNESCO Chair in Religious Pluralism and Peace, the University of Bergamo, the Province and the Municipality of Bergamo, in collaboration with the Bergamo Regional Education Office and many other local groups and associations.


“The goal of the initiative is to learn an alphabet of cultures and religions so that we can face – with responsibility and discernment –the epochal challenge of a plural world in the distant future. We believe that to experience – and not suffer – the ongoing social transformations we have to know more and better not only the Christian religion, but also other religions, avoiding any common prejudice and intolerance, and patiently learn how to promote intercultural and interreligious dialogue and exchange.”


A civic commitment to building “Middle-Earths” that can improve the culture of inclusion.


“Our proposal is ambitious because it includes not only high-profile meetings and dialogues with acute observers of our time, but also, historical-artistic initiatives, readings of texts from the great religious traditions, music listening sessions, theatrical performances, walking tours, guided tours, in-depth seminars, training courses for young people and schools, moments of prayer with the various religious communities in Bergamo.”


The 2017 tenth edition of the event will have the title: “Blessed are the Builders” to give space and voice to those who, in times like these, know how to open gates and build bridges among people.


With the participation of: Abram Yehoshua, Daniel Pennac, Lella Costa, Carlo Petrini, Lucilla Giagnoni, Tito Boeri, Ferruccio de Bortoli, His Excellency Cardinal Ravasi, Giovanna Botteri, Noa, Massimo Recalcati, Elena Cattaneo, Alessandro D’Avenia, Tito Boeri, Gad Lerner, Monsignor Francesco Beschi, Bishop of Bergamo, Enrico Letta, Bishop Franco G. Brambilla, Gianluca Nicoletti, Elena Carnevalli, Milena Gabanelli, Ezio Mauro, Walter Veltroni, Paolo Magri, Rosy Bindi, and many others.





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