The Pesenti Foundation supports the Day of Civil Virtue

The Pesenti Foundation supports the Giorgio Ambrosoli Civil Association in promoting the 10th Day of Civil Virtue, which will be held on 29 November 2018 and will be in memory of Pina Maisano Grassi, wife of Libero Grassi.





The Giorgio Ambrosoli Civil Association is a free non-profit association, independent of any political party.

It was founded in 2009 by a group of Milan citizens concerned about the social and cultural life of their community and by their desire for honesty, respect for the law, and common good, exemplary embodied in the figure of Giorgio Ambrosoli and many others, like Guido Galli or Libero Grassi, who lost their lives defending the rights of Italians.

The mission of the Association is to promote events and initiatives encouraging each one’s commitment for a fair and free social coexistence based on the principles of the Italian Constitution.


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Since 2011 the Ambrosoli Association has developed a series of initiatives involving students and their schools. Among the others is the Day of Civil Virtue, a full day event to promote civil consciousness among all citizens and youth in particular, having in mind the importance of social responsibility as a fundamental value to improve the lives of all people.
During the day, various engagements and activities are proposed to citizens and students, from primary schools to universities.

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Every year, to pay homage to the life and work of Giorgio Ambrosoli, the Day of Civil Virtue is dedicated to prominent Civil Rights figures, bringing their story to young people concretely and directly from the testimony of those who knew them.

“It makes no sense to call heroic a behavior that we think of as normal. Struggling against abuse and oppression… Shouldn’t it be normal? Is it only heroes that do things like this? Opposing the Mafia: what’s heroic in that? It’s normal. It is a thing too often forgotten, today. It is as if civil, normal and ethical behaviors were something exceptional.” (Pina Maisano Grassi)


The Day of Civil Virtue 2018 will be in memory of Pina Maisano Grassi, widow of Libero Grassi, a Sicilian businessman murdered by the Mafia for his rising up against the racket, whom the 2011 event was dedicated in memory of.


Until the end of her life in 2016, she tenaciously carried on the public battle that her husband had begun, promoting several popular initiatives against any mafia behavior.

The figure of Pina Maisano represents at best the virtue of testimony, a fundamental value for the growth and formation of citizens fully aware of the rights and duties they have inherited from history.

Day of Civil Virtue


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