Prevent, Predict, Plan: an award for startups that study major risks.
The Pesenti Foundation and Speed Mi Up support new businesses involved in the emergency management.

Milan, 12 November 2018 – floods, landslides, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, fires and droughts seem to be becoming more frequent and more severe. They put people’s lives at risk and result in heavy economic and social costs to affected communities. The Pesenti Foundation launches a call for innovative startups and new companies involved in great risk management. The three best projects will be rewarded with six months of free incubation at Speed MI Up.

The project is called SHaReD, or “Social Hazards Resilience in Disaster”, and is the result of the joint work of the Pesenti Foundation, Bocconi University and Milan Polytechnic. It aims to facilitate the creation and development of innovative startups in the field of seismic, volcanic, wind (hurricane, tornado, typhoon), hydraulic (flooding), hydrogeological (landslide), drought, and fire events. Startups will have to propose new ideas both in terms of forecasting, prevention and emergency management, as well as post-emergency assistance.

“Resilience” (the “R” contained in the name of the project) is the ability of a system to adapt to change. In the major risk management, resilience translates into a creative collaboration in the prevention and management of disasters, in the introduction of new technologies for forecasting, communicating, managing and interpreting big data following the three Ps: prevent, predict and plan.

Speed MI Up is a business incubator established by Bocconi University and the Milan-Monza-Brianza-Lodi Chamber of Commerce, with the support of the City of Milan. It is not simply a co-working space, it also accelerates the development of startups proactively, encourages them as they pursue their goals and trains them through individual and collective tutorships. Startups are thus able to grow, quickly create an organization, improve their strategy, management and finance skills and refine their business plan to access outside funding.

The Pesenti Foundation aims to promote and enhance a culture of innovation as a driver of ideas, projects and activities to make a positive social, environmental and cultural impact. The Foundation develops modern interactions between public sector and for-profit/non-profit private sector, providing sustainable solutions to major social challenges. The Foundation’s new areas of focus–alongside its traditional attention to the conservation of national historic and artistic heritage, scientific-educational programs, conferences and publications, humanitarian projects and social solidarity–aim at promoting and supporting the development of new socially-relevant enterprises, especially businesses established by young people..

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